Roaring 20s Outdoor Micro Wedding – Haiden and Jeremy

Haiden and Jeremy – August 21, 2020

Roaring 20s Outdoor Micro Wedding

Here’s something a little different than our normal weddings – a roaring 20s outdoor micro wedding! Haiden and Jeremy originally had plans for a Great Gatsby wedding at the beach, but Covid caused them to pivot. They talked with one of our previous couples and decided to choose Chapel in the Hollow for their big day — yay us! They still brought a little 20s flair into their woodsy wedding, and I think you’re going to love the way it turned out! Her dress is classic and gorgeous with a beautiful flow. The grasshoppers loved it while we were in the field.  His suit was a last minute purchase three days ago and complemented her look beautifully. They incorporated their little boy into the ceremony which made it unique and personal to them. Congratulations Haiden and Jeremy!!
From the Bride:
I was working for hospice and worked with his mother Deanna several nights. Deanna and I had often joked about a trip to Vegas, and she would give me her oldest son’s # in case she got arrested whenever we decided to go. Then she ended up raising her great niece so I decided to plan a surprise baby shower for her. I didn’t know what she had so I decided I needed to consult with a family member. I had graduated with her youngest son Easton and knew he couldn’t be trusted to keep it a secret, so I thought I’d look up her other son and message him to see what she needed. I had to do a little Facebook stalking since she had her friends list blocked. All I knew was his name was Jeremy and that he and Easton were complete opposites and had different last names. Eventually, I found him. He was currently living in Kentucky transitioning back to West Virginia to help his mom with Storm. I messaged him to see what Deanna needed for her new baby. He didn’t attend her baby shower. Then, when I knew he was watching Storm, I would message him just to see how he was doing. About a month went by before I asked if I could drop off some Christmas presents for Storm and leave them on the porch since I knew Deanna was at work. He said, “Yes, but wait till I get home.” So, I waited and finally went over, and he invited me in to talk for a minute at 6:30. We sat there talking/laughing till 2am.
He messaged me one night while I was at work and invited me to a Christmas party. Unfortunately, I had to work so I messaged back, “I would love to, but I work that night. Maybe we could hang out another night.” Come to find out he asked his mom to look to see if I was working or if I was just saying that to get out of seeing him again. Then, he ended up asking me out on a date on December 23 and said we could go anywhere. We drove to Olgeby to see the Christmas lights. We enjoyed the drive and getting to know one another better. Ever since then, we’ve been inseparable.
Jeremy took me to lovers leap. On our way there, his best friend’s wife called and asked if he had proposed. He said, “No, we aren’t in any rush.” Once we got there, he put a quarter in the binoculars and had me look over the edge then said, “You can see forever from up here can’t you?” I turned around and he was down on one knee.
Originally, we had planned a beach wedding on his birthday August 22, 2020 at sunset. The hotels were booked, wedding outfits already bought, flowers/decorations all purchased, time off request all approved. About a month and a half prior our wedding, the coordinator called and cancelled the wedding due to COVID-19. I was talking to the girls at work and one suggested Chapel in the Hollow where she had recently got married at. After looking at photos on the site, we decided to get married there.
We enjoy baking together, walking together in the park, raising our precious son together. Traveling/sight seeing together.

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Dress: David’s Bridal
Florals: Mother of the Bride
Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Rings: Calvin Broyles Jewelers
Officiant: Penny Montefuco
Coordination: Custom Love Gifts, Events & Prints
Photography/Videography: Star Noir Studio
Venue: Chapel in the Hollow

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